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Welcome Friend’s Cake

21 Nov

9″ 3 layer chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling, vanilla buttercream frosting. Buttercream flowers and a fondant horse head.


More Rosette Cakes

27 Jun

I have iced a lot of cakes with the buttercream rosette design, not only is it quick to do but it’s pretty and my customers like it.

Marble cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream.

Classic yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream.


Buttercream Rosette Cakes

28 Feb

Making swirls of buttercream rosettes is an easy & fun design for cakes..   

Chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling and vanilla frosting



Fabulous Forty

8 Dec


The fabulous forty’s, I do remember them. This 12″ yellow butter cake is filled with a delicious raspberry buttercream and frosted with vanilla buttercream. Design elements are red buttercream roses and black accents.


80th Birthday Celebration Cake

6 Aug

Lots and lots of bright and very colorful buttercream flowers for Nona’s 80th birthday celebration.  The cake was lemon, filled with raspberry cream and iced in a vanilla buttercream basketweave.

Buttercream flower colors- red, yellow, teal, hot pink, orange, & piped purple/(blue).

Buttercream flower colors- red, yellow, teal, hot pink, orange, & piped purple/(blue).


Kenley’s Birthday Cake

8 Jul

Kenley loves horses so for the last few years I have created a cake with a horse theme, this is for her 2016 July birthday. Cake flavor, yellow butter cake with raspberry filling, iced in almond butter cream. The horse is made of fondant.


Kenley Birthday


Flower Basket Birthday Cake

13 Sep

Flower Basket

When my friend Diana asked me to do this birthday cake her request was “lots of flowers”. She loves my flowers. I think I fulfilled that request, don’t you?? 🙂

I covered the top of the 12″ 2 layer yellow butter cake with butter cream flowers, roses, mums, daisies, and some I don’t have a name for, using lots of colors. On the sides I piped a basket weave design. The cake was filled with raspberry butter cream and iced in almond butter cream.

2 Special Cakes for Lin

14 Mar

Birthday for Lin           cake #2 for Lin

Two special cakes for a lovely lady on her birthday. Layers of chocolate cake filled with raspberry butter cream and topped off with vanilla butter cream. Decorations were piped lily of the valley and pink roses. Cake number 2, same flavor but with a different design.


Hope you had a great day.


A Birthday Cake for Daryl

20 Jan


Daryl loves the color orange, so I made her a classic yellow butter cake, filled it with raspberry butter cream and iced it in almond butter cream and topped it with bright orange butter cream flowers.

Cake #2 for extra servings: cake #2


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