Birthday Stones, Flowers & Astrological Signs ,

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MONTH                               FLOWER                                 STONE

January                            Carnation                               Garnet

February                             Violet                             Amethyst

March                                  Daffodil                           Aquamarine

April                                      Daisy                                 Diamond

May                             Lily of the valley                     Emerald

June                                       Rose                                   Pearl

July                                     Water Lily                           Ruby

August                                 Poppy                                Sardonyx

September                          Aster                                 Sapphire

October                               Dahlia                                    Opal

November                    Chrysanthemum                  Topaz

December                       Poinsettia                          Turquoise

                                  ASTROLOGICAL SIGNS

          Aries                                               March 21–April 19

          Taurus                                          April 20—May 20

          Gemini                                         May 21—June 21

          Cancer                                           June 22—July 21

           Leo                                                  July 22 —August 21

           Virgo                                             August 22 —September 22

            Libra                                            September 23 —October 22

           Scorpio                                      October 23 —November 21

           Sagittarius                              November 22—December 21

           Capricorn                                December 22 —January 20

            Aquarius                                January 21 —February 19

            Pisces                                       February 20 — March 20


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