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A Milestone Birthday Cake

30 May

It was  an honor for me to create a cake for someone reaching such a special milestone. I baked and decorated 3 cakes for the party, this one was to be the center piece cake. The others were simple sheet cakes squared off with a flower in each square. Flavors were yellow butter cake and marble cake.

This 12×18 yellow butter sheet cake was  iced in vanilla butter cream with a 8″ round on top to place a mixture of  cascading buttercream  and tiny fondant flowers on. A clear white ribbon bow was placed at the back of the 8″ cake adding the finishing touch. The 100 (dusted with gold) and the tiny hearts were fondant.

100 years old







This is one of the sheet cakes.  sheet cake for 100th birthday party


Another Starry Birthday Cake

24 May

80th Birthday

I’ve decorated quite a few cakes with this starry theme but this was the first one that the stars had a special meaning.

The 3 large blue stars at the top represented the man’s 3 children, the 6 smaller stars his grandchildren.  I’m not sure what the sun and moon stood for. The 11×15 yellow butter sheet cake was iced in vanilla butter cream. All the decorations were cut from fondant.

Blue & Brown Shower Cake

23 May


Baby Shower

What can I say…. I think this turned out pretty well. The customer wanted to use brown and blue as a color scheme for a shower for a baby boy.  So  I started with a 12×18 yellow butter sheet cake covered with vanilla buttercream frosting. The brown trim was chocolate frosting. I added blue hearts & stars cut from fondant. The dog was a cut-out bought at Michael’s which turned out to be the perfect colors (boy’s and dogs just seem to go together) and I added the message as if the dog was speaking.

Bridal Shower Cake

17 May

Bridal Shower

This was a quick and simple cake to decorate.  I had the flowers already made so it was just a matter of icing and squaring off  the 11×15 yellow butter sheet cake. Most of the decorations for the cakes i’ve had lately  are bright and colorful. Colors like hot pinks, purples and lime green. This must be the going trend for this season.

A UNC Tarheel

9 May


Well, it’s graduation time again and Kate, her parents, and many friends  are celebrating her achievement with a party  and everyone  knows you need cake for a party. I made a 12×18 sheet cake with a small 6″ cut at an angle to go on the top to hold the “blue foot” and the 2009 (brushed with gold dust) which was cut out of fondant. The flavor is classic butter cake  with vanilla butter cream frosting and butter cream flowers.

                         CONGRATULATIONS  !!! KATE

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