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Flowers & Paw Prints

31 Jul

Well it’s the last day of July and I’m trying to figure out how did it slip by so quickly. I’m looking at my cake schedule for August and the Fall and it makes my knees go weak. How on earth will I get it all done.

So,  this is the last cake for July 2010. It’s not a fantastic cake but it was fun to do and the lady receiving the cake loved it. The reason for the paw prints, she works in a kennel and loves dogs. Flavor & size, a 9″ 3 layer yellow cake with raspberry filling, vanilla frosting and tiny fondant flowers.


Cupcakes for a Bride & Groom

24 Jul

I think teal is my new favorite color. Something a little different instead of white for a bride and groom party. I made 50 cc’s for this party with a few extras thrown in just because I thought they turned out so well and just because I wanted to. The flavor was my yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream. The white flowers are cut from fondant.


              My Best Wishes to Anna & Eric

A Birthday For Triplets

24 Jul

 I have to give credit for the design on these cakes to the Grandmother of the triplets. She sketched the flower designs and I made the flowers. Each little girl gets her own cake (a 6″) with her name on it and the 9″ was for the adults. Flavors were chocolate and yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. The flowers were shaped from fondant.

A Birthday Cake For Glo

20 Jul

This cake was so simple in design but I thought it turned out quite pretty. Instead of grouping the flowers together (because they were small) I placed them here and there over the cake creating a bigger impact. Flavor of cake, yellow butter with vanilla frosting. The flowers are fondant. This customer always lets me decorate the cakes he orders with any design I wish which allows me to experiment with different looks.

60th Birthday, Orange & Hot Pink

18 Jul


I loved working with all the bright colors for this cake. The size was a 11×15 sheet with a 7″ single layer on top, flavors yellow butter cake with vanilla frosting. The stars & the 60 were  from fondant with wires attached to add a little extra fun and movement to the cake. The flowers were fondant & buttercream.                                 

I also baked cupcakes to go with the cake.

NOTE: I was worried that I might have spelled the name wrong on the cake but after checking with the customer she said it was fine. I guess there are a lot of different ways to spell many names.

Pink Rose Cakes

10 Jul

Today everyone wanted pink on there cakes, so I made enough pink buttercream roses to go on all of them. The cake flavors ranged from yellow butter cake to marble to chocolate with vanilla frosting. Here is 2 of my cakes for today. 

Red,White & Blue

3 Jul

It’s almost the 4th of July and not having a traditional flag cake this year I decorated the 2 birthday cakes with touches of red,white & blue just to get in the spirit of the day. Both cakes were chocolate with vanilla buttercream frosting. Stars and batman symbol were fondant.

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