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It’s Triplet Time Again

11 Aug

 Each year since the triplets have been born Grandmother Glenda has ordered special cakes for their birthdays. One large one for the family to enjoy and 3 smaller ones for each of the children. This year we went with mult colored dots and a monogram. Some of their cakes from past years can be found in the birthday category.

The monograms on each of the small cakes represents their name.

                                E for Elizabeth, L for Laramie, S for Sydney

                                       HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE  !!!!






A Birthday For Triplets

24 Jul

 I have to give credit for the design on these cakes to the Grandmother of the triplets. She sketched the flower designs and I made the flowers. Each little girl gets her own cake (a 6″) with her name on it and the 9″ was for the adults. Flavors were chocolate and yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. The flowers were shaped from fondant.

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