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Ella’s 6th Birthday

31 Aug


This was a fun cake to make. A pool party with a Hawaii theme. So I piped a Hula girl out of butter cream and made bright-colored butter cream flowers and put them on a beach with palm trees. The cake flavor, marble with vanilla butter cream.


Bridal Shower Cake

31 Aug

Bridal Shower   A simple design for a party cake. Square off  with a small flower in each square. Here I have used fondant flowers in shades of pink with a green leaf.

A Birthday for Mom

31 Aug

Jeannie's cake  This cake was made for a very special customer. I have done many cakes for this family. The flavor is usually the same each time, classic yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream frosting. A simple recipe but very tasty. On this cake the design was also simple, just piped multi-colored flowers of butter cream.

Hummingbird Cake

17 Aug









This cake was made for a lovely lady named Gretchen and she loves hummingbirds. It was my first attempt at piping a butter cream hummingbird and I was pleased with how well it turned out. The cake flavor, chocolate with vanilla butter cream. The flowers around the bottom of the cake are an assortment of  piped butter cream and fondant.

PS: Just received a call from Gretchen thanking me for such a lovely cake. Thank you Gretchen, for letting ME know how much you enjoyed it.


50th Anniversary Cake

9 Aug

50th Anniversary 3 tier 6″-10″-14″ classic butter cake with almond butter cream. Piped lily of the valley and lattice design.

Fresh yellow roses on top with gold ribbon.

August Birthday Cakes

9 Aug

Jennie's Birthday Cake               Birthday Cake- Jennie & friend




Yellow butter cake, vanilla butter cream, piped flowers. Yellow butter cake with chocolate sea shells.

2 cakes for tripletts   # 2 Chocolate cake





2 cakes for triplet  girls turning 13. Chocolate cake,one with vanilla butter cream, one with chocolate butter cream.

purple and gold birthday





Chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream. Purple and gold piping is school colors.


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