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3 Tier Vine/Leaf Wedding Cake

28 Nov

It’s been a while since i’ve used this cake stand but i  always like how the cakes look on it. The cake almost appears to float in the air. The flavors were (starting from the top) chocolate with mocha butter cream, marble with raspberry butter cream, classic butter cake with almond butter cream. Covered in almond butter cream with a piped vine and leaf design. The fresh flowers were provided by Aldena’s Florist.  Both the wedding and reception was held at the Little River Country Club. 

                                           Close-up of top tier and ornament.


A Happy Thanksgiving Cake

25 Nov

This was one of only 4  that i did this year for Thanksgiving.  Not as busy as i have been in the past. The flavors ranged from chocolate cake to the classic butter cake with almond butter cream and vanilla butter cream frosting. Simple but tasty. All the decorations, leaves, pumpkins etc were made from fondant. 

I hope everyone has a great and “filling”  Thanksgiving and you give thanks for all the people in your life and remember the ones that have passed on.

A Monkey Cake for Avery

21 Nov

I feel out of my comfort zone doing cakes like this. I don’t do many with hand molded figures but i keep trying so i can get better. The 11×15 sheet cake flavor was classic butter with vanilla butter  cream frosting. The monkey, letters and number was formed from fondant. My customer loved the cake so much she gave me a $5.00 tip. So i guess my monkey wasn’t so bad after all.

A Pastel Flower Birthday

15 Nov

I love the flower color combinations on this cake. I think they are some of my favorites. The customer didn’t want any writing on the cake, just pastel flowers and other design work, whatever i wanted to do. I baked a 10″ 2 layer classic yellow butter cake. The frosting and the flowers are vanilla buttercream.


13th Birthday

7 Nov

Do you remember being 13? It’s a great age. You’re getting into the teen years and you think you’re  grown up. This was a fun cake to create. Made for one of my favorite customer’s. She wanted something special and bright to mark her niece’s 13th birthday. LeAnn's 13th Birthday

I baked a 9″ 3 layer chocolate cake and a single 5″ for the top and iced them in vanilla butter cream. I made wired stars and a 13 to go on the top, covered the tiers in swirls and dots. I took small beads in shades of purple and strung them on wires to go with the stars. My customer was delighted with the cake which made me very happy also.

Silver and Pink Bridal Shower

4 Nov

Bridal Shower

The customer didn’t want a lot of decorations  but she did want it to look like a bridal cake. This is what i came up with. I made large & small fondant hearts dusted them with silver, the pink flowers were cut from fondant. I placed 2 small doves in the center and covered the rest with a lace design. Flavor was a classic butter cake with vanilla butter cream.

Red Rose Wedding Cake

3 Nov

Henley Wedding Cake  The wedding was on Halloween but this bride chose to have a traditional looking wedding cake. Cake flavors were yellow butter cake filled with a rich chocolate and creamy vanilla butter cream. Frosted with vanilla butter cream. Decorated with a crisscross design and piped lily-of-the -valley. Dark red roses were placed on top and each offset tier. The reception was held at the Hampton Inn. 

The Grooms cake a 10″ 2 layer square chocolate cake with german chocolate filling and vanilla butter cream and chocolate frosting was  served at the rehearsal dinner.

Grooms Cake

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