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Birthday # 8

31 Jan

8th BirthdayI’m ending the last day of January with a cake for a sweet 8 year old. I’ve been making cakes for this family for quite some time. It’s always the same flavor, my classic yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream frosting. They say “it’s the best they ever ate”. The pink flowers are air dried butter cream, the purple ones are piped on the cake using a star tip.


Babies First Birthday

24 Jan

Babies First Birthday

Pink and white was the theme for this babies first birthday cake. I baked a 10″ 2 layer yellow butter cake, iced it  in vanilla butter cream. The tiny pink and white flowers and hearts  were made from fondant. I also fashioned a number one  from fondant and inserted a wire in it’s base so it would stand up.

Babies cakeThis cake a single layer 6″  was made just for the baby girl so she could experience the taste and texture of her first cake.

Cakes from years past.

13 Jan

Since i took off most of this January to just rest after such a busy 08 i haven’t got any cakes to post. So i thought i would go back into my archive’s (weddings, bridal showers, birthdays) and show a few from past years.

Wedding cake 2005 The large purple bow on top was made from fondant. I thought the color matched pretty well with the ribbon that circled each tier. I used 2 colors of purple ribbon around the cake.

Wedding cake 2005   The design on this cake came from the brides dress. I liked the contrast of the white cake and the off white design work.

Yellow Rose-2006 Sometimes the cake can be over powered by flowers but if you keep it simple like this one with just a few rose petals and a small flower topper I think it can look quite pretty. Keeping it simple also helps with the flower cost.

Looking back and ahead

1 Jan

2008 has been a memorable year, i  created this blog, there have been loads of cakes and I’m glad to say, many satisfied cake customers. The cake photos fill the memory of my computer and I have posted many of them here. Now the first day of 2009 has started out just right, with a cake to decorate, my first one this year. The cake, a classic yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, decorated with fondant fall leaves and a cute Doctor figurine. Really very simple but the lady loved it. It’s so nice to start out a brand new year on a positive note.

Doctor birthday

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