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More Birthday Cakes for July

12 Jul




A Purple and White Cake

12 Mar

March 12th turned out to be a beautiful day for a wedding, bright and sunny. The evening reception was held at the Country Club of North Carolina. The wedding cake had two flavors, chocolate fudge and classic yellow butter cake  frosted in vanilla buttercream. A purple ribbon surrounded each tier with a cascade of purple and white flowers down the front from top to bottom.  I also did 2 double layer 11×15 sheet cakes in the same flavors for extra servings.


          The Grooms cake which was served at the rehearsal dinner at Forest Creek Club House, was shaped like a tooth (the groom was a dentist).  At least I hoped it looked like a tooth, I’ve never made one before. After looking at many designs, this is what I made. The flavor was Red Velvet with cream cheese filling and frosted in vanilla buttercream. I made the tools (picks etc ) out of fondant.

Cakes from years past.

13 Jan

Since i took off most of this January to just rest after such a busy 08 i haven’t got any cakes to post. So i thought i would go back into my archive’s (weddings, bridal showers, birthdays) and show a few from past years.

Wedding cake 2005 The large purple bow on top was made from fondant. I thought the color matched pretty well with the ribbon that circled each tier. I used 2 colors of purple ribbon around the cake.

Wedding cake 2005   The design on this cake came from the brides dress. I liked the contrast of the white cake and the off white design work.

Yellow Rose-2006 Sometimes the cake can be over powered by flowers but if you keep it simple like this one with just a few rose petals and a small flower topper I think it can look quite pretty. Keeping it simple also helps with the flower cost.

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