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Zebra Stripes & Dots

9 Nov


   Everyone seems to love zebra stripes and hot pink.

   The small tiered cake had 2 flavors, top tier, yellow butter cake, bottom was a family favorite chocolate. Frosting was vanilla buttercream.

The 11×15 sheet cake,  yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream. 



Birthday Cake for Elaine

18 Feb

“A special cake for a special friend” was the request for this cake. The cake was my classic yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream.  The flowers are air- dried buttercream with a fondant bow. I added the small square cake on top to make a simple sheet cake look “special”.

A Shower of Blue

21 Sep

Bridal Shower

 This was a fun cake to do. Since it was a square (10″) I decided to make it look like a gift box for the bridal shower. I iced the top in blue, and  used a large rose tip to create a band around the top edge to make it look like a box lid.  The sides i iced in white with blue swirls. The bow and tiny blue flowers are fondant, the white roses are butter cream. Flavors were marble cake with raspberry butter cream filling and vanilla frosting.

An almost melting wedding cake

24 Apr


I add these cakes from past years just to remind myself of my mistakes and i’ve made a lot of them and boy do i remember this one. It was 2006 and hot for May and the wedding and the reception were outside at the brides home. The cake table was set up in the sun, a real no, no. The family had created a sun cover for the cake but in 80 to 85 degree weather it did little good to shield the sun but looked very pretty.sun cover There was nothin i could do but stand there and watch the cake slowly melt, you can see  the bulge beginning between the layers. I hurriedly took my picture, pulled the curtin around the cake and hoped that it all would go well. I wished for a short wedding ceremony. The grooms cake  a large Texas “T” was placed in the house where it was much cooler. I can’t remember the flavor of the wedding cake but the grooms cake was chocolate and the sugar bow was fondant.                              

Texas T

            Now what did i learn from all this- #1 ask where the cake will be set up, #2 offer advice on set up even if they don’t ask you, & #3 cut back on the butter content in the frosting on hot days.

Cakes from years past.

13 Jan

Since i took off most of this January to just rest after such a busy 08 i haven’t got any cakes to post. So i thought i would go back into my archive’s (weddings, bridal showers, birthdays) and show a few from past years.

Wedding cake 2005 The large purple bow on top was made from fondant. I thought the color matched pretty well with the ribbon that circled each tier. I used 2 colors of purple ribbon around the cake.

Wedding cake 2005   The design on this cake came from the brides dress. I liked the contrast of the white cake and the off white design work.

Yellow Rose-2006 Sometimes the cake can be over powered by flowers but if you keep it simple like this one with just a few rose petals and a small flower topper I think it can look quite pretty. Keeping it simple also helps with the flower cost.

Black and White

24 Sep

This was the first “gift box” type cake I ever made. It turned out pretty well I guess because another customer loved it so much they wanted a birthday one almost like it. One difference was the bows. I made fondant bows for the wedding cake and I had to made ribbon bows for the birthday cake because I didn’t have time for the fondant to dry but that was OK with the customer.

Birthday Cake

It’s A Girl

19 Aug

The design for this one was given to me by the “Mother-to-be”, she knew exactly what she wanted, pink dots, pink bow, with a touch of silver. The bow and dots are fondant as well as the “It’s a girl” tag in the bow.

All White

17 Aug

With all the color choices one has today it’s unusual to see an all white cake. This one has a lot of different designs, from dots to drapes, also some scroll work. Topping it off with a fondant white bow.



Here are two more ~                        

A bit different from the first one but both having a fondant bow. The swirl design on all tiers was accented with silver dots, also the mongram and ribbon at the base. Because this was a very tall cake I also placed bows on the other tiers to give it more interest and a finished look as your eye moved down the tiers.



As you can see the swirl design is quite popular. This one was made at Christmas time and her colors were red and white. Not wanting red on the cake the bride choose to have sugar flowers on the top and placed on the tiers. I hand crafted each flower from buttercream, air dried them and to give a sparkle and a little shine I brushed  them with super pearl dust. I just love that “stuff”.

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