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A Special Birthday Cake

24 Apr

Reaching the age of 90 calls for a special celebration. My friend Diana was giving her Mother a birthday party and asked me to do a cake for the occasion.  To make it extra special I did a tiered cake with lots of flowers, and a 90 formed from fondant. The guest of honor loves pink, so I made butter cream roses in different shades and the other tiny flowers are cut from fondant. The  flavor, a lemon butter cake filled & iced in lemon/almond butter cream.


Easy Birthday Cake

14 Apr

This 11×15 sheet cake was pretty easy  to put together. Made for a young man of 28 the customer wanted something simple and not a lot of flowers or decorations, so this is what i came up with. I used Wilton’s pattern presses with this design in the corners and with just a few tiny fondant flowers here and there for color, i was finished. The flavor was classic butter cake with vanilla butter cream frosting.

A Cake For Granny

10 Apr

Bright and pretty were my instructions for this 11×15 yellow butter cake. So I made a combination of butter cream and fondant flowers in lots of colors.The design was also left up to me. I squared  off the center like a frame and piped a lacy design around the edge before placing on the flowers at opposite corners. The cake was iced in vanilla butter cream.

A 21st Birthday

8 Apr

There are certain milestones in ones life and turning 21 is one of them.

Morgan loves bright colors, so on this 10″ round yellow butter cake I used hot pinks, teal, lime green & yellow. It was iced in almond butter cream. The 21 is formed from fondant. It was a great hit with the birthday girl or should I say “lady”. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MORGAN

50th Anniversary Cake

4 Apr

This cake was for a 50th Anniversary but they used a different color other than the usual gold/yellow seen at most 50th. I loved the purplish/lavender colors, especially since it was Easter weekend. The cake tiers ( 2 layers each) were  6″-10″-& a 14″ yellow butter cake with almond butter cream. Fresh flowers were provided by the florist. The party was held at Little River Farms Golf and Resort.

A Spring Cake for Lauren

1 Apr

The colors on this cake remind me of Spring.  Lauren always orders her own birthday cake each year and gets a combo of chocolate & yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream, she leaves the decorations up to me. Not sure what to call the flowers, i just wanted to do something different. So, i guess they can be whatever you want them to be.

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