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A Birthday Cake for John

28 Feb

Birthday Cake for John

This was a fun cake to do. Making the horse head was easier than I expected. It was almost like doing a BC transfer only in reverse. I found a picture that I liked put wax paper over it and piped with butter cream frosting. Then I stuck it in the freezer over night to harden. After I iced the cake I slid it onto the cake while it was still frozen. Easy…Cake flavor was yellow butter cake, raspberry filling with almond butter cream frosting. The flowers were fondant.



A Chocolate Heart

13 Feb

A Chocolate Heart

For all those that loves chocolate (like I do) a chocolate cake with a rich and delicious chocolate butter cream frosting.


Mary Turns 2

12 Feb

Mary turns 2

Monkeys are very popular now. The customer sent me a few pictures she liked and I selected one I thought I could do. I’ll try to do better next time. The cake was a 11×15 yellow butter sheet cake with vanilla butter cream. The monkey and other elements were hand sculpted from fondant.

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