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Party Cake for Cousin’s

10 Apr

10″ 2 layer yellow cake with buttercream flowers in mixed colors.

Tiny Buttercream Flowers & Scrolls

2 Apr

9″ 3 layer yellow cake with almond buttercream.
Buttercream flowers in mixed colors.

Kenley’s Birthday Cake

8 Jul

Kenley loves horses so for the last few years I have created a cake with a horse theme, this is for her 2016 July birthday. Cake flavor, yellow butter cake with raspberry filling, iced in almond butter cream. The horse is made of fondant.


Kenley Birthday


Flower Basket Birthday Cake

13 Sep

Flower Basket

When my friend Diana asked me to do this birthday cake her request was “lots of flowers”. She loves my flowers. I think I fulfilled that request, don’t you?? 🙂

I covered the top of the 12″ 2 layer yellow butter cake with butter cream flowers, roses, mums, daisies, and some I don’t have a name for, using lots of colors. On the sides I piped a basket weave design. The cake was filled with raspberry butter cream and iced in almond butter cream.

Richard’s Birthday Cake

28 Jul

A "Huff & a Puff" wolf

Well it’s not Little Red Riding Hoods wolf, but he does like the color RED. RED for N.C.S.U of course.

The flavor, classic yellow butter cake with almond butter cream. The wolf I piped in butter cream.


A Birthday Cake for Laurie

19 Apr
10" 2 layer yellow butter cake with almond butter cream. Fondant flowers.

10″ 2 layer yellow butter cake with almond butter cream. Fondant flowers.


A Birthday Cake for John

28 Feb

Birthday Cake for John

This was a fun cake to do. Making the horse head was easier than I expected. It was almost like doing a BC transfer only in reverse. I found a picture that I liked put wax paper over it and piped with butter cream frosting. Then I stuck it in the freezer over night to harden. After I iced the cake I slid it onto the cake while it was still frozen. Easy…Cake flavor was yellow butter cake, raspberry filling with almond butter cream frosting. The flowers were fondant.


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