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Another “Joe” Cake

29 Oct

It’s Halloween time again, time for Joe’s Halloween birthday cake.

Each year I try to come up with a different look, so this year I used a combination of things. None are original but I just grouped them together on top and along the sides of the cake. The eye ball base was a cupcake I covered in frosting then in fondant, the hand holding it was also fondant as well as all the cut outs around the sides. Cake flavor is always the same, yellow butter cake filled with black raspberry buttercream, iced in almond buttercream.

    Sides views.             


A Farm Wedding Reception

16 Oct

The setting was beautiful for this reception, under a tent in the late afternoon on a secluded farm off the road, no highway noise etc. Horses grazing in a nearby field. So serene and quiet.

     The 3 tier yellow butter cake was filled with black raspberry buttercream and iced in lemon buttercream basket weave. Fresh flowers mixed with strands of wheat were placed on the top and around each tier. Simple but perfect for the suroundings. 








                                                      Table arrangements were also simple and pretty.

All in all I think it was a perfect day.

                            CONGRATULATIONS to Brittany and Ryan

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