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Another “Joe” Cake

29 Oct

It’s Halloween time again, time for Joe’s Halloween birthday cake.

Each year I try to come up with a different look, so this year I used a combination of things. None are original but I just grouped them together on top and along the sides of the cake. The eye ball base was a cupcake I covered in frosting then in fondant, the hand holding it was also fondant as well as all the cut outs around the sides. Cake flavor is always the same, yellow butter cake filled with black raspberry buttercream, iced in almond buttercream.

    Sides views.             


Joe’s Halloween Cake

19 Oct

 Joe loves Halloween, so his birthday cake always has that theme, This is the design I came up with this year. It’s  a super size coffee cup  filled with the most “disgusting” things I could think of eyeballs, bones, dripping blood, and that green slime plus a few skeletons. Everything was edible except the skeletons. Written on the sides of the cake other than the birthday message were “coffee & yum”. The cake (a 9″ 3 layer)  was yellow butter cake with almond frosting. I created the handle from fondant.

 Special Note: The cake was a great, AHH GROSS hit.


30 Oct

Joe's Halloween/Birthday cake

This is my yearly cake for Joe’s Birthday. He loves Halloween. The flavor is yellow butter cake with raspberry filling and almond butter cream frosting. Most of the decoration are made of fondant.

         and—- HAVE  A  HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!!!!!



Almost Halloween Birthday

9 Oct

I have done so many Halloween birthday cakes for Joe I am at a lost for new ideas. Each year I try to do a different design not only for him but for myself as well since it’s the decorating I really enjoy and not the baking. The cake is always the same, yellow butter cake with raspberry butter cream filling and almond butter cream frosting. I thought the ghost & pumpkin borders were cute but the guy in the middle I’m not so sure of.

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