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Pink Pony and More

31 Aug

  Marble cake with vanilla butter cream frosting. Fondant pony and rainbow. Cake size, 11×15

  Yellow butter cake  with vanilla butter cream frosting.  Purchased figures for the birthday boy to play with.   

   Marble cake with vanilla butter cream. A funny twist on a golfing cake. An out of bounds” golfer with alligator looking on. Both were made of fondant.


It’s Triplet Time Again

11 Aug

 Each year since the triplets have been born Grandmother Glenda has ordered special cakes for their birthdays. One large one for the family to enjoy and 3 smaller ones for each of the children. This year we went with mult colored dots and a monogram. Some of their cakes from past years can be found in the birthday category.

The monograms on each of the small cakes represents their name.

                                E for Elizabeth, L for Laramie, S for Sydney

                                       HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVERYONE  !!!!





A Special Cake for Jennie

3 Aug

The first cake I made for the month of August was for one of my favorite customers. I have been making cakes for this whole family for many years and for lots of occasions so today they were celebrating Jennie’s 18th birthday. Always the same flavor, yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream, only the decorations change.

        HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIE, from ME  !!!!

              Hope you had a great day.




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