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Kaleigh’s Sweet 16

23 Jan

YES, 16 is a sweet age. I remember when ….. but that’s another story. I have made cakes for this family for many years and they always order the same flavor the “classic yellow butter cake” with vanilla butter cream. They say it’s the best. The flowers in the birthday girls favorite colors  are butter cream and fondant.     

                       HAPPY BIRTHDAY KALEIGH!!


Charm Pull Cake

16 Jan

There seems tobe a strong resurgences in the charm pull cakes. I love making them. The tiny charms, each with a special meaning, make a nice favor for the bridesmaids. Ribbons are attached to each charm for the bridesmaids to pull. Here, they are tucked in the center under the off white sugar roses. The ribbon cascades over the cake. Flavors were classic yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.

Golda’s Birthday and a new beginning

4 Jan

Here we are about to start a brand new year. A new beginning. At one time 2010 seemed so far into the future but all of a sudden it’s here. I remember thinking that by this time our world would be a lot like the JETSON cartoon, filled with flying cars, moving highways, and personal robots that would do all the work. Well,  I guess we do have robots of a sort but not in my house. What else this year and all the others after will bring nobody knows. Always the optimist I look at the glass as half full not half empty and hope for the best.

My year started off  with a cake for a long time friend. I baked a 14′ round 2 layer butter cake with vanilla buttercream. The flowers were air-dried buttercream in mixed colors dusted will pearl dust. 

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