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Two Birthday Cakes for Bess

24 Sep

This year Bess wanted a turtle on her cake. WHY!! Because she had been to the beach and was lucky enough to see the hatching of some tiny sea turtles. I’m not sure that the one I molded from fondant looks like a sea turtle but she liked it anyway. The cake and cupcakes were chocolate. The sea shells for the cupcakes were white chocolate. Oh, I forgot to mention she wanted green frosting on her cupcakes.

For her 2nd celebration day her cake was decorated like a present and topped with a purple fondant bow and tiny pink hearts. This one was chocolate with almond buttercream.


Grooms Cake

11 Sep

This was a first for me, making a baseball cap for the top of a cake. I haven’t covered many cakes in fondant, I prefer to use a buttercream frosting for my cakes. But I think it worked out pretty good here.  The round cake was baked using half of the ball pan, the brim was fashioned using fondant covered light weight alumiunum sheet, cut and bent to form the shape needed then inserted under the fondant covered round cake.  The cake flavors were yellow butter cake with navy blue and white almond buttercream frosting. The B stood for Barton College and was cut from fondant.

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