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Cupcake Day

26 Jun

No wedding cakes today just cupcakes,  a baby shower and a birthday. The shower cc’s (3 doz) were for a baby girl all done with pinks and dainty designs. The flowers and frosting were buttercream the cake flavors chocolate and yellow butter. Here is just a sample .

The birthday cc’s (1 &1/2 doz) were also a combo of chocolate and yellow butter cake  iced in the birthday boy’s favorite color,  neon green, with a few sprinkles added. 


Susannah’s Wedding Cake

19 Jun

 It was a very warm day for a wedding (near 90) and summer hasn’t even gotten here yet. I use buttercream for my frosting and the heat is not to kind to that type of icing but I made it to the venue without to many problems.  The flavors were marble with vanilla buttercream, chocolate  with raspberry and the bottom tier , yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream.  Cake sizes were 7″,12″, 16″. Fresh flowers and silver stand  provided by Aldena’s Florist.

The reception was held at the Pinehurst Member’s Club. The table covers were a beautiful butter cup yellow, in the center were tall water filled glass containers with a floating candle surrounded with rose petals and flowers.

A Shower of Chocolate

13 Jun

This cake was for a baby shower. Instead of the usual soft pastels this customer wanted  bright orange, hot pink and lime green, great colors to use on the chocolate frosting. The cake flavor was also chocolate filled with the same chocolate fudge frosting. Cake size was 6″ & 10″. The monogram and flowers were fondant.

A Tiered Graduation Cake

13 Jun

This was a different type design for me to do for a graduation cake, not the usual sheet cake. With bright colors, stars, stripes, and circles and a monogram it was a hit with everyone. Flavors were yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream.

A Beach Birthday

4 Jun

This will be a fun weekend for Christi, she’s celebrating her 40th birthday at one of our great beaches. The yellow butter cake (a 10″ 2 layer) was filled with raspberry buttercream and iced in vanilla butter cream . The sea shells I made from white chocolate and then brushed them with petal dust for added shine.

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