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Sugared fruit-wedding cake

30 Jul

Square tiers with lots of sugared fruits. I made this cake last year near Thanksgiving I think. Using a beautiful fresh pear to give a little height on top, I surrounded it with grapes (red & green) and a few strawberries. I added more fresh fruit on all the tiers and the bride and grooms names with words provided by the bride on the sides of the cake. Placed on a silver stand, it made quite a statement.


Black and Pink Dots

27 Jul

This wedding cake was a real pain, not because it was difficult to do but because it was so HOT. Also the table placement at the venue was in the sun, something I don’t like to do. Of course that was not my idea & It could not be changed. Thank goodness the AC was on and the place was getting cooler as I left. I haven’t heard any “bad”news so I guess everything went ok.

and a close up of the topper monogram.

80th Birthday

27 Jul

This one I did this weekend. The lady was so pleased and happy. She loved all the buttercream flowers that I had made. The cake was a 12″ round with a small single 6″ layer on top. Placing the 6″ on top gave me a platform to mound the flowers on and gave a little height to the cake.

Natures Garden

8 Jul


This one I called “natures garden”. The bride was using ferns as a theme for her wedding so I made lots of fondant ferns in shades of green along with fresh green orchids and placed them here and there on the cake layers , I even included a small “lady bug” for good luck.

Offset Square Wedding Cake

6 Jul

This was not a very large cake but was quite beautiful for a evening wedding.    The votive candles added on the corners of the off set tiers cast a soft glow when lit.  Adding a simple dot design, fresh flowers and placing it on a silver stand gave it the finishing touch.

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