Offset Square Wedding Cake

6 Jul

This was not a very large cake but was quite beautiful for a evening wedding.    The votive candles added on the corners of the off set tiers cast a soft glow when lit.  Adding a simple dot design, fresh flowers and placing it on a silver stand gave it the finishing touch.


One Response to “Offset Square Wedding Cake”

  1. Cathy Wanat August 11, 2008 at 12:03 pm #


    I am working on a cigar humidor for Saturday 8/16 my Son-in-law’s 40th BD. I am trying to figure how to make the cigars look better than most of the ones I have seen on line. Have you ever made one or can you direct me to some pictures. I was thinking of making them of chocolate and covering them with a thin layer of fondant to make them more palatable and realistic. Also how could I make the labels a little on the naughty side? Thanks for any suggestions. Cathy

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