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Dots and Stripes for Jennie

31 Jul

Jennie's cake

The request for this cake was stripes or dots and to be colorful. So I did it all. After all this was for Jennie’s 15th birthday party. I baked a 11×15 yellow butter sheet cake (her favorite) and iced it in vanilla buttercream. All  design work is piped buttercream. The flowers are cut from fondant.

                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIE!


3 Tier Square Wedding Cake

24 Jul

Dasen/Rush Cake

Seems squares are very popular this year. This couple was very easy to please not only with the flavor (yellow butter cake with vanilla/almond frosting) but with the design as well.  They decided to have a different look for each tier, dots, swirls & stripes. The white roses and the bright blue flowers added the finishing touch and were provided by Maggie’s Farm.

I also received a very nice phone call from the Mother of the bride today telling me how much she loved the cake, not only was it pretty but was so delicious. That’s the kind of phone call you always want to get.

A Special Thank You Cake

16 Jul

Mary's Thank You Cake

This was a  cake to recognize a  special ladies service to her community. The flavor was chocolate (her favorite) with vanilla buttercream frosting.  All the flowers were buttercream.

A 60th Birthday Party Cake

16 Jul

Sam's Cake

This was another fun cake to decorate. I like all the shocking bright colors of lime green, orange and royal blue together. Flavors were yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream. The stars, dots and monogram were formed from fondant, the rest was piped buttercream.

More Cupcakes

6 Jul

bridal shower

Since this is the bridal season, I have had lots of orders for cupcakes. They are easy to serve for bridal showers. The flavor of these, yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream. The flowers are buttercream in shades of pink.

Note: The divider in the box to hold the cupcakes was made of wood by my son. Works great to keep them from sliding around.

July 4th Birthday Cakes

4 Jul

80th Birthday

These two cakes celebrate  two occasions, a birthday and the 4th of July.

#1 a 12″ square. Flavors were marble cake with raspberry buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. The flowers were buttercream, the stars and the 80  were fondant brushed with gold dust.

#2 a 11×15 sheet cake.

I have been making this young mans cake for many years and since his birthday falls on the 4th he likes it to be red,white & bluebirthday. I keep trying to come up with different designs each year but keep the same colors. Flavor is yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream, their favorite. The stars are cut from fondant.

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