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Something more… than cakes.

27 Dec

Celebrating Christmas 2020 this year was different for everyone, it was for me and I’m sure it was for you too. I always enjoyed the coming & going of friends as well as my cake customers but this year I met everyone at my door, staying at a safe distance. I love to decorate the house for Christmas so this year was no different even if I was the only one to see it but then I thought why not post a few pictures on my website…so here goes.

My Memory Christmas Tree
My bird tree
My table centerpiece
Santa and toys

The Santa was made by my daughter several years ago. He has a toy bag on his back as well as a bundle of sticks for the “naughty” boys & girls. The face is hand painted by her also.


A Rainbow Birthday for Janie

27 Dec
9″ yellow cake with vanilla buttercream and fondant rainbow, piped buttercream flowers.

A 2020 Birthday

13 Dec

There are lots of these cakes on the net but this was a first for me. The year 2020 being what it is and has been I was asked to do a toilet paper roll cake, also my first time completely covering a cake with fondant. Cake flavor….red velvet with cream cheese frosting & fondant. Size…3-6″ round layers.

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