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A Butterfly Garden Cake

29 Sep

I created this cake for a party that was given for a family that was moving to another state. I used the butterfly in flight as a symbol for the move/going away. Cake flavor was chocolate with vanilla buttercream. The butterfly & flowers were fondant.


Squares with Circles & Dots

19 Sep

The setting was perfect, and the evening was perfect for a beautiful out-door wedding reception (9-18- 2010). With the sun going down a light breeze blew thru the large tent that was set up in the open field cooling the late evening temperature. The tables & chairs were all ready for the many guests that were expected to attend. Margaret and her staff from Maggie’s Farm had created a nice entrance into the tent with small potted trees and flowers. The beautiful flowers on the cake were from Margaret also.

The wedding cake design of circles with dots was a request of the bride. Cake flavors were yellow butter cake  filled with different fillings, raspberry and vanilla butter cream with the exception of the top-tier which had mixed layers, chocolate and yellow cake filled with chocolate buttercream just for the groom. The cake was iced in vanilla butter cream.

 Here are more views of the cake .I couldn’t make up my mind what photo I liked best, so I posted them all.

A Sheet Cake for MaMa

17 Sep

This cake was made for one of my very special customers. She always orders this size 11×15 so she will have a little leftover to nibble on later. Always the same flavor,

yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream. All the flowers are formed from fondant.

A Special Birthday

16 Sep

Tonight I’m posting something a little different. Tonight I honor my Mother ( Evelyn) who is celebrating her 100th birthday today September 16, 2010. It has been such a pleasure for me to have her for so many years. To live to this age and to be able to stay in her own home has been a joy for her. So many people of her age or even younger have not had that opportunity. Her celebration  was a quiet one with just family and a few friends coming in to visit during the day. I keep thinking of all the changes in the world she has seen, so many presidents, cars, airplanes,  space flight.  Things that most people now take for granted were just beginning when she was born or at least soon after. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM I Love You. I hope we get to celebrate a few more together. 

I make so many fancy cakes for a lot of people but all she wanted was a simple, plain pound cake.

Pool Party Cake

11 Sep


When you’re having a pool party for your birthday you need a pool cake, complete with diving board, a floating raft & a ball. The chocolate cake (11×15) was iced in almond butter cream. I created the stone pattern around the pool by piping chocolate frosting in a random design. All the other items were made from fondant.

A Golden Anniversary

5 Sep

The ruffle drape has always seemed like an “old-fashioned” design to me, and it’s an easy one to do, so I decided to use it here. The roses are buttercream, the cake flavor was a yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream, very basic but delicious. It was topped with a 50th emblem and a small gold bow. Cake sizes were 6″-10″-14″ to serve 100.

 The cake was delivered to the Pinehurst Members Club.

Flower Cakes and A Sock Monkey

4 Sep

 Most of  my cakes today were for birthdays some pretty, some not. I think I like to make  cakes with flowers best.

This was my attempt at doing a “sock monkey” for a 4 year old. Not one of my best by a long shot but I give myself a star for trying.

Wishes in a Bottle

4 Sep

I made this cake for one of my special customers. It was ordered by her husband. The bottle, the message (written on fondant) and lots of sea shells on the cake was his idea so that’s what I did. He was surprising her with a trip to the beach and wanted the cake to reflex that.  The flavor was there favorite, yellow butter cake with vanilla frosting. The sea shell were white chocolate.

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