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A Special Birthday

16 Sep

Tonight I’m posting something a little different. Tonight I honor my Mother ( Evelyn) who is celebrating her 100th birthday today September 16, 2010. It has been such a pleasure for me to have her for so many years. To live to this age and to be able to stay in her own home has been a joy for her. So many people of her age or even younger have not had that opportunity. Her celebration  was a quiet one with just family and a few friends coming in to visit during the day. I keep thinking of all the changes in the world she has seen, so many presidents, cars, airplanes,  space flight.  Things that most people now take for granted were just beginning when she was born or at least soon after. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM I Love You. I hope we get to celebrate a few more together. 

I make so many fancy cakes for a lot of people but all she wanted was a simple, plain pound cake.

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