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Piped rosette cake

7 Mar

I really like doing the piped rosette design. It’s quick and easy.

Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream

Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream

A Cake for GiGi

12 Oct

GiGi's Birthday









I can’t decide what season I like best,spring, summer, fall or winter. Each one gives me the opportunity to do different colors for my cakes. This cake of course has a fall theme, The orange flowers are butter cream, the multi colored leaves are cut from fondant. The cake,  yellow butter with coconut/pecan filling and vanilla butter cream frosting.


Another “Joe” Cake

29 Oct

It’s Halloween time again, time for Joe’s Halloween birthday cake.

Each year I try to come up with a different look, so this year I used a combination of things. None are original but I just grouped them together on top and along the sides of the cake. The eye ball base was a cupcake I covered in frosting then in fondant, the hand holding it was also fondant as well as all the cut outs around the sides. Cake flavor is always the same, yellow butter cake filled with black raspberry buttercream, iced in almond buttercream.

    Sides views.             

Grooms Cake

11 Sep

This was a first for me, making a baseball cap for the top of a cake. I haven’t covered many cakes in fondant, I prefer to use a buttercream frosting for my cakes. But I think it worked out pretty good here.  The round cake was baked using half of the ball pan, the brim was fashioned using fondant covered light weight alumiunum sheet, cut and bent to form the shape needed then inserted under the fondant covered round cake.  The cake flavors were yellow butter cake with navy blue and white almond buttercream frosting. The B stood for Barton College and was cut from fondant.

Leprechaun Cake

17 Mar

Today is St Patrick’s Day and this is my annual Leprechaun cake that I make for one of my customers. Always the same flavor, chocolate with vanilla buttercream frosting. The leprechaun ( my version) is hand molded from fondant. It’s always a fun cake to do because I never know how he is going to turn out. He looks a little different each time.

Poinsettia Cakes

7 Dec


   Christmas cakes for a party. The flowers made from fondant. Piped snowflakes on sides.

Cakes for Fall

13 Nov

Most of the cakes I’ve had lately have been decorated with Fall designs. I made many leaves of varying colors, and added a few flowers here and there. Quick and easy. Here are just a few.



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