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Basketweave Fun

25 Apr

 Basketweave Wedding

 I just discovered i like doing basketweave cakes especially this size. This one made for a second wedding and for a bride of a certain “age” was a 6″ & 10″ square golden butter cake with almond butter cream frosting. In doing the basketweave you don’t have to try to smooth the cake icing so much which lets you get the job done so much quicker. The flowers were air dried butter cream brushed with a little pearl dust to add just a touch of shine. The flower color was left up to me and i like pastel shades so this is what i went with. I  added the lily-of-the-valley because i think of this as being an “old fashioned” flower and it pared well with the soft shades of the roses.

Since i wasn’t going to deliver this one myself i had to prepare it for someone else to pick up. I packed it in 2 boxes for an easier drive, to be stacked on arrival. Destination Chapel Hill.


An almost melting wedding cake

24 Apr


I add these cakes from past years just to remind myself of my mistakes and i’ve made a lot of them and boy do i remember this one. It was 2006 and hot for May and the wedding and the reception were outside at the brides home. The cake table was set up in the sun, a real no, no. The family had created a sun cover for the cake but in 80 to 85 degree weather it did little good to shield the sun but looked very pretty.sun cover There was nothin i could do but stand there and watch the cake slowly melt, you can see  the bulge beginning between the layers. I hurriedly took my picture, pulled the curtin around the cake and hoped that it all would go well. I wished for a short wedding ceremony. The grooms cake  a large Texas “T” was placed in the house where it was much cooler. I can’t remember the flavor of the wedding cake but the grooms cake was chocolate and the sugar bow was fondant.                              

Texas T

            Now what did i learn from all this- #1 ask where the cake will be set up, #2 offer advice on set up even if they don’t ask you, & #3 cut back on the butter content in the frosting on hot days.

For a “Buckeye” fan

24 Apr


A very small cake (a 6″) made for a “Big” buckeye fan. Flavors were classic butter cake with vanilla butter cream. The decorations were all butter cream with a chocolate molded Buckeye.

Shower Cupcakes for a Baby Boy

9 Apr

Shower cup cake

This is just a few of the cup cakes I made for a baby shower, there were 30 of them. Flavors were yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream. The butter creamclose up decorations piped on the tops were rattlers & booties in yellow,  blue and white with a touch of green.

Close up.

Vines and silk petals

5 Apr

Kimberlyn/DWayne wedding cakeI don’t think this couple could have picked a more beautiful day for there wedding. It was sunny, dry and warm.  We have had some really wet days lately. The wedding was held at Sandhills Community College with the reception at the Hampton Inn.

The cake flavor was  classic butter with vanilla butter cream. I piped a vine all over the cake, added a flower dot design with a few leaves. The rose petals are silk, they were supposed to be real rose petals but there were none at the venue for the cake, so I had to improvise by robbing a few silk ones from the other tables.  I don’t think the bride will mind because the cake needed a little color. All in all i think it turned out pretty good.Hampton Inn

The room at the Hampton Inn set up for the reception with a small dance floor. No kitchen so food was catered in by 360 Catering.

Spring Daffodils

2 Apr

Having no cake to post today I just had to share some of my Mother’s beautiful daffodils with anyone who visits my blog. Her garden is filled with such a beautiful assortment. I’m sure they all have names i can’t pronounce but to me they are just daffodils. My Mother who is now 98 loves to work (weather permitting) in her garden. I think that’s what has kept her so active all these years,  sunshine and lots of exercise. Mother's Daffodils I hope you get as much pleasure looking at them as I do.


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