Basketweave Fun

25 Apr

 Basketweave Wedding

 I just discovered i like doing basketweave cakes especially this size. This one made for a second wedding and for a bride of a certain “age” was a 6″ & 10″ square golden butter cake with almond butter cream frosting. In doing the basketweave you don’t have to try to smooth the cake icing so much which lets you get the job done so much quicker. The flowers were air dried butter cream brushed with a little pearl dust to add just a touch of shine. The flower color was left up to me and i like pastel shades so this is what i went with. I  added the lily-of-the-valley because i think of this as being an “old fashioned” flower and it pared well with the soft shades of the roses.

Since i wasn’t going to deliver this one myself i had to prepare it for someone else to pick up. I packed it in 2 boxes for an easier drive, to be stacked on arrival. Destination Chapel Hill.

One Response to “Basketweave Fun”

  1. jakshaw May 3, 2009 at 6:26 pm #

    How beautiful! I am a sucker for cake….I love it! Alas, flour and sugar and my mortal enemies and do not treat me very well!

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