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A Wonder Woman Cake

11 Aug


Do you remember Wonder Woman? I do, so does this lady. A special request by a friend for her friend. Chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream with fondant elements for decoration.

Flowers for Jennie

11 Aug


3 layer yellow butter cake with water color side design and buttercream flowers.

Buttercream Flower Wreath

30 Jul


9″ 3 layer chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream frosting (teal & white), lots of buttercream flowers in many colors.

Sunflowers for Lisa

28 Jun


Marble cake with raspberry buttercream filling, vanilla frosting and fondant sunflowers.

Pink and Red Roses for Mom

5 Apr


9″ 3 layer yellow cake with almond buttercream, buttercream roses.

Husband and Wife Cakes #2

5 Apr

#1 Almond butter cake with almond buttercream.

#2 Marble cake with almond buttercream.  Buttercream flowers on both.

Husband & Wife Cakes

6 Mar

March is the birthday month for John and Lin, only 10 days apart. Each year Lin orders a cake for John, then John  orders a cake for Lin. They both like my chocolate cake filled with raspberry buttercream iced in vanilla buttercream. No fondant here ALL buttercream, even the flowers.

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Pink Roses for Mia

9 Feb


9″ 3 layer marble cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, pink buttercream flowers, piped drape and bead border.

Gambling Cake

9 Feb


A fun birthday cake for someone who likes to gamble “just” a little bit.  9″ 3 layer yellow cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and handmade fondant items.

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