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A Mermaid for Claudia’s 3rd Birthday

31 Jan

9″ 3 layer chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting. The mermaid and sea shells are fondant dusted with varies colored petal dusts.


Pink Flowers & Lace

28 Jan

9″ 3 layer chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. Pink buttercream flowers, piped lace panels.

Icing Swirls

19 Jan

000_5293I guess this is one of the easiest cake designs to create, piped swirls of buttercream icing that looks almost like roses, add a few drop flowers and dots in other colors and viola you have a finished cake in record time. Cake flavor, chocolate with vanilla buttercream. 



A New Year of Cakes and Other Stuff

13 Jan

After taking off a few days to enjoy Christmas and ring in a new year I’m back in the groove again, baking cakes. This year I have decided to slow down a little and not take as many orders as before. I think at 81 it’s a good time to do that. I have lots of recipes I would love to post and hopefully those that follow me would like that too.

For now here are my latest cakes for 2018.000_5269000_5273000_5266

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