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Joe’s Halloween Cake

19 Oct

 Joe loves Halloween, so his birthday cake always has that theme, This is the design I came up with this year. It’s  a super size coffee cup  filled with the most “disgusting” things I could think of eyeballs, bones, dripping blood, and that green slime plus a few skeletons. Everything was edible except the skeletons. Written on the sides of the cake other than the birthday message were “coffee & yum”. The cake (a 9″ 3 layer)  was yellow butter cake with almond frosting. I created the handle from fondant.

 Special Note: The cake was a great, AHH GROSS hit.


Gardenia Wedding Cake

17 Oct

 This bride wanted a simple classic looking cake, just a bead border top & bottom. The 3 fresh gardenia’s were the only flowers she wanted on the cake. I used water picks to keep the flowers fresh. The flavor a yellow butter cake with mocha buttercream filling and vanilla frosting. Cake sizes were 6″-10″ & 14″+ a  sheet cake. Total serving 150. The cake was delivered to the Country Club of  North Carolina.

Cake for Lunch

14 Oct

 I made this cake for a bridesmaids luncheon to be held on Friday. I also have the wedding cake on Saturday the 16th. I squared off the cake for easy serving. The brown dots and coral color were copied from the party invitation. Flavors were yellow butter cake with vanilla /almond buttercream frosting.

A Farm for Dakoda’s 1st Birthday

3 Oct

This cake was a gift for the great-grandson of a dear friend of mine. We have been friends for over 40 years and it was my pleasure to give it to them.  I made a 11×15 chocolate sheet cake plus a small 6″ for baby Dakoda. The cakes were iced in vanilla butter cream. The farm items (tractor, fence, trees, & I added the horse) were given to me to use any way I wanted so this is what I came up with. The other names on the cake are members of the family with October birthdays that they wanted remembered.


 Smash cake just for Dakoda. We all know how children love to dig into a cake.

Grooms Cake with 3 flags

2 Oct

 The flags topping this grooms cake (L to R)were  Washington, DC, U S A, & North Carolina. Cake flavor, yellow butter cake with a creamy chocolate buttercream frosting which was so delicious. Cake sizes were 6″-10″& 14″. I delivered the cake to a restaurant called Theo’s in the heart of Pinehurst for a rehearsal dinner.

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