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#1 – A Special Birthday

2 Feb

I was a little nervous about doing this one because I don’t work with fondant very much. The theme I was given was ” A little blue truck” with animals. I had not heard of or seen the book it was from but with good old Google I was able to see the characters, the book and lots of other peoples cakes. The Mother sent me a few pictures also that I could use for inspiration. I made a 2 tiered yellow cake (6″&10″) with a small one for the baby all iced in vanilla buttercream and the other designs are fondant. I felt pretty good with how it turned out and after I had finished it I realized I had fun doing something different.



Lady Bugs and Butterflies

4 Apr


The request for this cake was lots of butterflies and lady bugs. All decorations were made from fondant. Cake flavor, a yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream. I also made a small one just for the baby.

A Farm for Dakoda’s 1st Birthday

3 Oct

This cake was a gift for the great-grandson of a dear friend of mine. We have been friends for over 40 years and it was my pleasure to give it to them.  I made a 11×15 chocolate sheet cake plus a small 6″ for baby Dakoda. The cakes were iced in vanilla butter cream. The farm items (tractor, fence, trees, & I added the horse) were given to me to use any way I wanted so this is what I came up with. The other names on the cake are members of the family with October birthdays that they wanted remembered.


 Smash cake just for Dakoda. We all know how children love to dig into a cake.

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