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For Tori’s 22nd Birthday

3 Sep

This is a little different from most of my other cake designs. I guess you could say it has a “goth” theme. It was a special request. Her colors were red, black & gold and I like how it turned out and so did she. The cake flavor was classic yellow with raspberry buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. The decorations on top were made with fondant and white chocolate.

A Cake for Jeanie’s Mom

3 Sep
Yellow cake with vanilla buttercream, buttercream flowers

Jeanie’s Cake

3 Sep
Yellow cake with vanilla buttercream and buttercream flowers.

Celebrating 78

27 Jul
10″ classic yellow butter cake with vanilla/almond buttercream . Flowers are buttercream, musical notes are fondant.

Appreciation Cake

25 Jul
11×15 classic yellow cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, buttercream flowers.

Baby Shower with Peter Rabbit

12 Jun

Classic yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream, piped blue booties & ratters. Fondant handcut rabbit painted with edible colors.

50th Birthday

30 Sep

Yellow 3 layer cake with chocolate buttercream & buttercream flowers.

Frank’s Cake

8 Sep

Frank's Cake

9″ 3 layer yellow cake, vanilla frosting with yellow buttercream flowers. The horse head is cut from fondant and brushed with dry cocoa powder.

Betsy’s Birthday Cake

5 Sep

9″3 layer yellow cake with vanilla frosting and buttercream flowers.

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