September 2015 Cake round-up

27 Sep


Birthday- Sandy

Lots of cakes, lots of sugar flowers…

Birthday Chris                 Birthday -Gail

Birthday - Shelby              Birthday - Lynette

Birthday- Windy                  Birthday - Jay

Paw Patrol figures provided by customer

Paw Patrol figures provided by customer

A Thank You Cake

27 Sep

A Thank You cake

As the message on the cake states this cake was for a celebration honoring 20 years of loyal service. Cake flavor, classic butter cake with vanilla butter cream frosting and butter cream pink roses.

Flower Basket Birthday Cake

13 Sep

Flower Basket

When my friend Diana asked me to do this birthday cake her request was “lots of flowers”. She loves my flowers. I think I fulfilled that request, don’t you?? :)

I covered the top of the 12″ 2 layer yellow butter cake with butter cream flowers, roses, mums, daisies, and some I don’t have a name for, using lots of colors. On the sides I piped a basket weave design. The cake was filled with raspberry butter cream and iced in almond butter cream.

Seashell Wedding Cake

9 Sep


I think getting married on the beach sounds so romantic, don’t you? As long as you don’t mind sand between your toes. That’s where this couple will say their vows. So, of course the cake calls for seashells.  Lavender/purple being the favorite color of the bride, I made white chocolate shells tinted with these colors with a few other colors for contrast, all brushed with pearl dust for a little shine and sparkle. My classic yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream was the favorite choice. So, with Myrtle Beach S C as a destination for this cake, my wish for them, a beautiful weekend with good weather.

Seashell close-up:

shell close-up


A Blue Butterfly for Betsy

5 Sep

Blue Butterfly

When I was asked to do this birthday cake I didn’t know how I would decorate it, then I got a request from the birthday lady herself. She wanted a blue butterfly on her cake. Earlier she had seen a blue butterfly in her garden and it reminded her of someone near and dear to her that loved butterflies. So I piped her a blue butterfly. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BETSY !!!

Cake flavor, yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream.

Back to School Cake

23 Aug

Back to School

It’s that time again “Back to School”.

This cake was for one of my favorite long time customers Rev.Dixon. When he needs a cake for a special occasion he always comes to me. This was for a church function today to celebrate the beginning of a new school year. The cake flavor, a classic yellow butter cake iced in vanilla butter cream. Some of the decoration I hand molded from fondant, (even the pencils) others are piped on using butter cream frosting. He was pleased and surprised that everything was edible.


A Dolphin for Ella

22 Aug

Ella's Dolphin

I never know from year to year what cake design I’ll be doing for Ella’s cake. Ella and her Mother search out designs on the net, then send me a picture of something they like. I never do it exactly like the picture but I do use it for inspiration.  This year I’m doing a Dolphin or at least I tried to create one ( I think it turned out pretty good). The Dolphin is  piped with butter cream and the shells are white chocolate brushed with pearl dust for sparkle.  Cake flavor is marble with vanilla butter cream.


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