Spring Cupcakes

23 Mar

   Spring Cupcakes                     Cupcakes in Spring colors for a fun get-to-gather.

Mixed flavors, butter cake and chocolate cake with butter cream frosting and butter cream flowers.


Avery’s 5th Birthday

23 Mar

"Divergent" birthday cakeAvery and her Mother are “Divergent” fans. When I was asked to do the birthday cake I wasn’t sure what to do because I was not familiar with this series, but with the Mothers help ( she sent me the symbols) and a little help from the Internet I was able to come up with this design. Avery’s favorite is Dauntless, the brave.

A Birthday Party for Pinky

23 Mar

A Pinky Party BirthdayA fun party was planned for Pinky’s Special day, a tropical birthday theme with lots of bright colors. Cake and cupcake flavors were classic butter cake and chocolate fudge with vanilla and chocolate butter cream frosting. All flowers were butter cream.cupcakes Here is a few of the 6 doz cupcakes for the party.


2 Special Cakes for Lin

14 Mar

Birthday for Lin           cake #2 for Lin

Two special cakes for a lovely lady on her birthday. Layers of chocolate cake filled with raspberry butter cream and topped off with vanilla butter cream. Decorations were piped lily of the valley and pink roses. Cake number 2, same flavor but with a different design.


Hope you had a great day.


Jenny’s Cake

7 Mar

Jenny's cake

This was a fun cake to do. I love  to decorate cakes when I can do my own thing. Except for the cake flavor, color and the frosting the customer allowed me to use my own imagination as far as design. That makes it fun for me. Cake flavor, classic yellow butter with vanilla butter cream, the flowers are butter cream daisies.

A Birthday Cake for John

28 Feb

Birthday Cake for John

This was a fun cake to do. Making the horse head was easier than I expected. It was almost like doing a BC transfer only in reverse. I found a picture that I liked put wax paper over it and piped with butter cream frosting. Then I stuck it in the freezer over night to harden. After I iced the cake I slid it onto the cake while it was still frozen. Easy…Cake flavor was yellow butter cake, raspberry filling with almond butter cream frosting. The flowers were fondant.


A Chocolate Heart

13 Feb

A Chocolate Heart

For all those that loves chocolate (like I do) a chocolate cake with a rich and delicious chocolate butter cream frosting.



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