Cakes from years past.

13 Jan

Since i took off most of this January to just rest after such a busy 08 i haven’t got any cakes to post. So i thought i would go back into my archive’s (weddings, bridal showers, birthdays) and show a few from past years.

Wedding cake 2005 The large purple bow on top was made from fondant. I thought the color matched pretty well with the ribbon that circled each tier. I used 2 colors of purple ribbon around the cake.

Wedding cake 2005   The design on this cake came from the brides dress. I liked the contrast of the white cake and the off white design work.

Yellow Rose-2006 Sometimes the cake can be over powered by flowers but if you keep it simple like this one with just a few rose petals and a small flower topper I think it can look quite pretty. Keeping it simple also helps with the flower cost.


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