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Red Rose Wedding Cake

3 Nov

Henley Wedding Cake  The wedding was on Halloween but this bride chose to have a traditional looking wedding cake. Cake flavors were yellow butter cake filled with a rich chocolate and creamy vanilla butter cream. Frosted with vanilla butter cream. Decorated with a crisscross design and piped lily-of-the -valley. Dark red roses were placed on top and each offset tier. The reception was held at the Hampton Inn. 

The Grooms cake a 10″ 2 layer square chocolate cake with german chocolate filling and vanilla butter cream and chocolate frosting was  served at the rehearsal dinner.

Grooms Cake


A Thursday Wedding

24 Oct

It was a bit unusual to have a wedding cake on a Thursday they are almost always on the weekend but it was a a very small reception. I sometimes think the smaller ones come out better, I guess because I don’t seem to stress over them as much as I do the really BIG ones. The bride asked me to place the flowers on so I did. I don’t get to do that very often. Most times it’s the florist job but I love doing flowers too. The 6″ & 10″ square cake flavors were classic yellow butter with raspberry butter cream filling and vanilla/almond frosting. The stripe and dot design is one I’ve done many times but I like the way it always turns out.


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