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Square Wedding Cake

21 Jun

Wichert/Miller wedding cakeIt was a very HOT day but the  cake survived the heat. Even the fondant bow on top. The 3 tier squares were off set with 3 different designs, dots, scrolls & stripes. Flavors were yellow butter cake with raspberry buttercream filling & vanilla/almond frosting. Fresh flowers and rose petals added color to the cake.


              Grooms Cake

The grooms cake flavor was chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting. The ornament, a bride & groom riding a motorcycle.


The reception was held at the Pinehurst Members Club in the Donald Ross Grill room. This is part of the original country club. A beautiful room, with a vaulted ceiling and large round pillars. A great room with a lot of history.

reception room    table centerpieces Flowers by Aldena


An almost melting wedding cake

24 Apr


I add these cakes from past years just to remind myself of my mistakes and i’ve made a lot of them and boy do i remember this one. It was 2006 and hot for May and the wedding and the reception were outside at the brides home. The cake table was set up in the sun, a real no, no. The family had created a sun cover for the cake but in 80 to 85 degree weather it did little good to shield the sun but looked very pretty.sun cover There was nothin i could do but stand there and watch the cake slowly melt, you can see  the bulge beginning between the layers. I hurriedly took my picture, pulled the curtin around the cake and hoped that it all would go well. I wished for a short wedding ceremony. The grooms cake  a large Texas “T” was placed in the house where it was much cooler. I can’t remember the flavor of the wedding cake but the grooms cake was chocolate and the sugar bow was fondant.                              

Texas T

            Now what did i learn from all this- #1 ask where the cake will be set up, #2 offer advice on set up even if they don’t ask you, & #3 cut back on the butter content in the frosting on hot days.

Carolina Blue

12 Feb

Since i live in North Carolina it’s only natural that i would get a request for a wedding cake with touches of Carolina Blue. This one is from 2006.  The reception was held at the “Fair Barn” in Pinehurst, one of the best locations in my area for a large party.

Carolina Blue The flowers were clusters of fresh blue hydrangea.       

 Grooms Cake                    Grooms cake with logo,  fondant golf balls and miniature golf clubs.

Flowers by AldenaClose up of flowers & cake top with monogram  Blue flowers & monogram



 and a view of the reception setup at the Fair Barn. I love the blue and white stripe table cloths.

Fair Barn

                         striped table cloth

A Parachuting Grooms Cake

16 Nov

This cake has a lot “going on”. The groom (a highway patrolman) had lots of interests, flying a helicopter, a parachutist, fishing, golf and his team was NCS “wolf pack”. All these things had to be put on the cake somewhere. So this is what I came up with. The off set squares worked out well, the corners gave me a place to display all the different items. The man I made out of fondant, all the others were toys. I created the chute from cake. Flavors of the cake were marble, yellow, and chocolate with almond/vanilla butter cream frosting. The flowers were butter cream and the fall leaves were fondant.100_1507-small

Another view.100_1512-small1        100_1520-small

Message in a Bottle

23 Sep

This cake was a gift to the groom from the bride and they served it at the rehearsal dinner. I thought it was such a cute idea. I made the shells from white chocolate and that is not as difficult as it looks because you can buy  molds to do this. Just melt the chocolate and pour into the molds, place into the refrig. for a few moments and pop them out. Easy. After they had firmed up I dusted them with shades of pearl dust. The bride gave me the words she wanted for the note and I wrote them on a rolled out piece of fondant and placed it near the glass bottle.

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