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Seashell Wedding Cake

9 Sep


I think getting married on the beach sounds so romantic, don’t you? As long as you don’t mind sand between your toes. That’s where this couple will say their vows. So, of course the cake calls for seashells.  Lavender/purple being the favorite color of the bride, I made white chocolate shells tinted with these colors with a few other colors for contrast, all brushed with pearl dust for a little shine and sparkle. My classic yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream was the favorite choice. So, with Myrtle Beach S C as a destination for this cake, my wish for them, a beautiful weekend with good weather.

Seashell close-up:

shell close-up



Message in a Bottle

23 Sep

This cake was a gift to the groom from the bride and they served it at the rehearsal dinner. I thought it was such a cute idea. I made the shells from white chocolate and that is not as difficult as it looks because you can buy  molds to do this. Just melt the chocolate and pour into the molds, place into the refrig. for a few moments and pop them out. Easy. After they had firmed up I dusted them with shades of pearl dust. The bride gave me the words she wanted for the note and I wrote them on a rolled out piece of fondant and placed it near the glass bottle.

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