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Christmas and December Birthday Cakes

25 Dec

Now that Christmas is over and my life is back to normal I have time to post just a few of the many cakes and cupcakes I did for this month.

Christmas gift

chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream

chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream

Chocolate cake, vanilla butter cream

Chocolate cake, vanilla butter cream

Yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream,

Yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream.

Christmas Wreath Cake2nd BirthdayThere was also a lot of Holiday cupcakes–

Holiday cupcakesMore..

Gift for first Bank-2dozJeanie's Cupcakes 2 dozThat’s all folks (for now) See you in 2016


A Yellow Daisy Cake

14 Nov

Birthday- Alexis

Yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream and yellow butter cream daisies.














A Week of Cakes

27 Sep

This has been a busy and interesting cake week. Lot of different designs. From sheet cakes to layer cakes and even a small tiered cake.

14th birthday

Board game cake

Board game cake

Birthday Gail

40th Birthday

For a man that loves to play cards.

For a man that loves to play cards.



Celebrating at "Tweetsie" railroad.

Celebrating at “Tweetsie” railroad.

3rd Birthday- Jack





Jack is 2

29 Sep


Jack is 2








I had so much fun creating this cake, making the track for the train to run on, the scenes around the sides and the stars. I had not done one quite like this in a long time.  The sizes were 6″ & 10″ yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream.The stares, tiny flowers, name and the number 2 are fondant everything else is piped butter cream.   The train is a purchased item.

A 40th Birthday

28 Apr

This is one of my favorite flavors, yellow butter cake with a yummy chocolate frosting. The pink flowers I made with my vanilla  buttercream recipe. What’s your favorite cake?

90th Birthday plus a few others

26 May


2 tier 6″ & 10″ yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream basketweave. Flowers and wired stars were fondant.          

Marble cake, vanilla buttercream and bright colors of hot pink,lime green and black.

Yellow butter cake, vanilla buttercream with fondant flowers. The horse head was also cake.

Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream. Side design done with a small rose tip to give a ruffle look. Flowers and butterfly were fondant.

Cupcake Day

26 Jun

No wedding cakes today just cupcakes,  a baby shower and a birthday. The shower cc’s (3 doz) were for a baby girl all done with pinks and dainty designs. The flowers and frosting were buttercream the cake flavors chocolate and yellow butter. Here is just a sample .

The birthday cc’s (1 &1/2 doz) were also a combo of chocolate and yellow butter cake  iced in the birthday boy’s favorite color,  neon green, with a few sprinkles added. 

Shower Cupcakes for a Baby Boy

9 Apr

Shower cup cake

This is just a few of the cup cakes I made for a baby shower, there were 30 of them. Flavors were yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream. The butter creamclose up decorations piped on the tops were rattlers & booties in yellow,  blue and white with a touch of green.

Close up.

A Princess Birthday Cake

22 Mar

Birthday Princess

Princess cakes are so much fun, you can make them as “girly” as you like with lots of frills. This one, a 10″ classic yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream.  I made  bright pink roses in varing shades, wrapped the base of the cake in pink ribbon to match the roses and piped dots on the sides with touches of lavender here and there. The wand was handmade from fondant, the star I cut with a cookie cutter and was brushed with silver dust, the handle rolled and brushed with gold dust, a small silver bow added to the handle. The Tiara was purchased.

  Note: The Mother was so pleased when she saw the cake saying “that’s exactly what I wanted, a very girly cake” and of course that made ME a very happy cake decorator.

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