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All White

17 Aug

With all the color choices one has today it’s unusual to see an all white cake. This one has a lot of different designs, from dots to drapes, also some scroll work. Topping it off with a fondant white bow.



Here are two more ~                        

A bit different from the first one but both having a fondant bow. The swirl design on all tiers was accented with silver dots, also the mongram and ribbon at the base. Because this was a very tall cake I also placed bows on the other tiers to give it more interest and a finished look as your eye moved down the tiers.



As you can see the swirl design is quite popular. This one was made at Christmas time and her colors were red and white. Not wanting red on the cake the bride choose to have sugar flowers on the top and placed on the tiers. I hand crafted each flower from buttercream, air dried them and to give a sparkle and a little shine I brushed  them with super pearl dust. I just love that “stuff”.

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