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Violet’s for Jamie

31 Jan

9″ 3 layer chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and buttercream violets.


Roses and Violets

4 Apr


9″ 3 layer almond butter cake with almond buttercream. Violets and roses are buttercream.

Purple Violets

16 Feb

A belated birthday cake for Jamie who loves chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and the color purple.

70th Birthday Cake for a Special Lady

8 Apr


I must say I like the way this cake turned out, of course this time of year violets are a great flower to make and I love making buttercream ones. Not having any idea what the color scheme was to be for the party ( I just like these colors together) I was told “they were perfect” and just what the caterer was also using. Cake flavor: yellow butter with vanilla buttercream frosting. All flowers are buttercream.

Bridal Luncheon Charm Cake

25 May

 I always like making charm cakes and I have made quite a few. It’s fun seeing all the different charms that are chosen for the bridesmaids to pull. The 10″ yellow butter cake was filled with raspberry buttercream and iced in vanilla buttercream. The charms with green ribbon attached, were tucked under the flowers in the center.

 Violets in 3 shades and a pink rose surrounded with swirls and dots completed the design.

70 and Counting

24 May

 This cake was made for a fun occasion, a class reunion with a few friends all turning 70 in the month of May. A yellow butter cake filled with a luscious raspberry buttercream and frosted in almond buttercream. Cake size a 10″ 2 layer. Flowers were buttercream, the 70 was fondant. Flowers around the cake top edge were piped lily of the valley. 

Miss Mary’s Birthday

29 Apr


Some call her Mamma, others call her Miss Mary, either one will be fine. Celebrating a 90th birthday is a special occasion.


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