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St. Patrick’s Day

17 Mar

St. Patrick's DayDoing this cake each year is so much fun. My friend Donna always has a party on St. Patrick’s day and she always want a chocolate cake with vanilla. The decorations are up to me. I try to create a different looking design but always with a Leprechaun on top.



I can’t take credit for the design on this cake, my customer supplied a photo for it. Flavor, yellow butter cake with almond butter cream with fondant pipe, butter cream yellow roses.




Leprechaun Cake

17 Mar

Today is St Patrick’s Day and this is my annual Leprechaun cake that I make for one of my customers. Always the same flavor, chocolate with vanilla buttercream frosting. The leprechaun ( my version) is hand molded from fondant. It’s always a fun cake to do because I never know how he is going to turn out. He looks a little different each time.

A Fun St Patrick’s Cake

26 Mar

It’s a little late to post this picture since St Patrick’s Day has passed but here it is anyway. Every year this customer wants a cake with this little fellow on it. So each year i strive to make him just a little different.

I made this cake (9×13) for a St Patrick’s Party. Flavor, chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream. The Leprechaun is hand molded from fondant.

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