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Richard’s Birthday Cake

28 Jul

A "Huff & a Puff" wolf

Well it’s not Little Red Riding Hoods wolf, but he does like the color RED. RED for N.C.S.U of course.

The flavor, classic yellow butter cake with almond butter cream. The wolf I piped in butter cream.


Ending July With A Bang

31 Jul

With July ending today I find I have a few cakes that I have not posted. Most are birthdays but the first 2 are for a young man and his friends having a special Scout celebration and later Richard gets to celebrate his birthday .      




                                             This was Richards birthday cake. He is a NC State fan.


 A birthday celebration at the beach with chocolate sea shells.



  Pink butter cream roses for Jean.




 A flamingo for Yvette

This one I had to correct the name spelling on before it was picked up but I had already taken the picture. I made the flamingo out of fondant.



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