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A Few More October Birthday Cakes

31 Oct

Sandy's BirthdayCarol's Birthday

21st Birthday                    Cakes are iced in vanilla and chocolate                   butter cream with butter cream mums and                fondant leaves.


Cakes for Fall

24 Oct


When fall comes around I always think of  bright orange and yellow for my cakes with just a touch of dark purple.



     All flowers are butter cream                                                                  



A Pez Bride & Groom

19 Oct

Seems I’m having a lot of “first” lately and this is another one. A wedding cake with a Pez bride & groom for a topper. The bride and groom are Pez collectors. Alto these are not “real” pez containers, when they found them they knew that’s what they wanted on their wedding cake. The silly faces bring lots of smiles.

 Flavors for the  wedding cake were, marble swirl with raspberry butter cream filling and vanilla butter cream frosting. Each tier was surrounded with burgundy ribbon and a leaf/vine and wave pattern. The fresh fall flowers were provided by the florist.

A close up of the “Pez” couple.

Bride and Groom Bears

11 Oct

     I don’t think I’ve ever seen bride and groom bears until now aren’t they cute. They were going to be used as the wedding cake topper but the couple decided to put them on a small chocolate cake to the side. The base is a wooden disk cut from an oak tree, this seemed more appropriate for the bears.

The Wedding Cake, a yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream had a vine and leaf design. The fresh flowers had such rich colors, perfect for a fall wedding.


 Close up view of the flower topper and  cake table with both cakes.


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