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Daisy Cakes

13 Aug

Today I felt like doing daisies for my decorations and since my customer’s didn’t care what I put on the cakes I went with it. They were both the same flavor only the color was different (yellow butter cake/vanilla frosting.) I iced the top of the first one with a soft yellow frosting so the white daisies would show up better. The side was left white and I added yellow dots. The accent colors were a darker shade of yellow. The second cake I made pink&white daises. using white at the base of the flower I layered on 2 shades of pink to create a little different look to my flower. The accent colors here were lavender & teal. All flowers were fondant.


Cascading Daisies

9 Feb

Daisy Mums CakeContinuing with cakes from past years, this one I did in 2008. The only flowers used were daisy mums that were placed in a cascade down the cake and scattered about the other layers. Very simple  and sweet.

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