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New Pictures

18 Feb

Birthday Lisa

After a bout with this “ransom virus”(they wanted $500.00 to get my files back, I didn’t pay) and losing some of my documents and pictures and having to buy a new computer, I’m back on-line. YEA !!! Here are a few of my NEW3rd BirthdayBirthday35th BirthdayBirthday cake pictures.

PS- back  up your stuff often.

15th Birthday

Dots and Stripes for Jennie

31 Jul

Jennie's cake

The request for this cake was stripes or dots and to be colorful. So I did it all. After all this was for Jennie’s 15th birthday party. I baked a 11×15 yellow butter sheet cake (her favorite) and iced it in vanilla buttercream. All  design work is piped buttercream. The flowers are cut from fondant.

                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENNIE!

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