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A Chocolate Heart

13 Feb

A Chocolate Heart

For all those that loves chocolate (like I do) a chocolate cake with a rich and delicious chocolate butter cream frosting.


2015-New Year Cake

31 Dec

Here it is ..the last few hours of 2014. This year seems to have passed so quickly, much more so than others. Maybe it’s because I’m a year older. I never pictured myself at 78 still doing cakes but here I am. My thanks to anyone that has looked at them and found  inspiration for their own cakes, checked out the recipes or enjoyed the “other stuff” here on my blog.

My last cake made in 2014…….

Chocolate cake, vanilla butter cream with fondant silver & gold stars.

Chocolate cake, vanilla butter cream with fondant silver & gold stars.




December Cakes

25 Dec

Here are a few that were done in December. I’ll begin with todays cake since it’s Christmas  and work my way through the month. Christmas Cake

A Birthday for Jesus


Murtis Christmas Birthday      Birthday for 3           1st birthday

Chocolate swirls

45th Birthday

Katherine's Birthday

Eddie's Snowman cake

Birthday- Dan

Snowman cake

Kendall's Fashion Birthday cake







Thanksgiving Cake

26 Nov
Chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream and butter cream Mums.

Chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream and butter cream Mums.

Christmas and Birthday Cakes

24 Dec

Here is a combination of cakes for December, some birthday, and a few Christmas.Christmas Cake



Coconut Cake

BirthdayGerman Chocolate





Thanksgiving Cakes + Birthdays

27 Nov

Thanksgiving Today has been fairly busy what with cakes for Thanksgiving and birthdays  that were going to be celebrated along with the big family Thanksgiving dinner.   All the cakes but one that was chocolate were yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream. Decorations were a combo of butter cream flowers and fondant, turkeys and pumpkins were molded from fondant.Thanksgiving





BIRTHDAY CAKES– Sibyl -BirthdayLevi-Birthday

Holiday Party Cupcakes

21 Dec

Everyone loves cupcakes and these are freshly made and yummy.  Just waiting  for pickup.

Lemon cake with a swirl of Lemon butter cream  frosting.

Christmas cupcakes


Chocolate cake with a swirl of Chocolate Fudge butter cream frosting.




Another “Joe” Cake

29 Oct

It’s Halloween time again, time for Joe’s Halloween birthday cake.

Each year I try to come up with a different look, so this year I used a combination of things. None are original but I just grouped them together on top and along the sides of the cake. The eye ball base was a cupcake I covered in frosting then in fondant, the hand holding it was also fondant as well as all the cut outs around the sides. Cake flavor is always the same, yellow butter cake filled with black raspberry buttercream, iced in almond buttercream.

    Sides views.             

A Red, White and Blue Cake

4 Jul

Not for the 4th of July but a Birthday on July 4th.

I’ve been making HU’s birthday cakes for quite some now and sometimes he wants another theme but most often its red,white and blue. I think some of them are posted here in the archives. The 9″ 3 layer cake is chocolate with vanilla butter cream frosting. Stars are fondant cut outs.


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