3 Tier Square Wedding Cake

24 Jul

Dasen/Rush Cake

Seems squares are very popular this year. This couple was very easy to please not only with the flavor (yellow butter cake with vanilla/almond frosting) but with the design as well.  They decided to have a different look for each tier, dots, swirls & stripes. The white roses and the bright blue flowers added the finishing touch and were provided by Maggie’s Farm.

I also received a very nice phone call from the Mother of the bride today telling me how much she loved the cake, not only was it pretty but was so delicious. That’s the kind of phone call you always want to get.

2 Responses to “3 Tier Square Wedding Cake”

  1. kimberlyfortes July 25, 2009 at 2:27 pm #

    Betty your cakes are amazing! Very beautiful, but I have to ask… Last year I made a wedding cake for my best friend in South Carolina, the humidity almost melted the whole thing. What do you do to prevent melting over there? I’m from California. If you wanna see what I’m talking about come look at my wedding cake section. It was the second cake from the top “Emily’s Wedding Cake” The bottom tier is the most noticeable.

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