Charm Pull Cake

26 Aug

    This is a fun cake for a bridal luncheon, bridal shower and even at the wedding.  The idea can be  traced back to the romantic Victorian era. A bride would hide small charms attached to ribbons beneath the icing of her wedding cake, then each bridesmaid and other selected people would pull a ribbon from the cake. Each charm with its special meaning foretold a coming event in ones life, good luck, romance, or good fortune.  The charms make a very nice party favor and keepsake as a remembrance of the event.

       Here is one style for the charm cake–a 10″ 2 layer square. The charms are placed just under the sugar flowers with the ribbons cascading across the cake.


Another idea is the “Bride Doll Cake”.

Here the charms are tucked in at the waist with different colors of ribbon.

You can make up your own meanings for the charms but here are a few of the ones I’ve found.

WEDDING BELLS—you will be the next to marry

BABY CARRIAGE—next new mother

PICTURE FRAME—picture a happy life for yourself

ENGAGEMENT RING—next to marry

WREATH—your house will be filled with happiness

TEAPOT—you are a hospitable and generous person

UMBRELLA—you will be showered with lots of love

SHIPS WHEEL—you will lead a life filled with adventure

WISHBONE—all of your wishes will come true

KEY—doors of opportunity will be open to you

SHAMROCK—you will be lucky when it comes to love

SUITCASE—you will travel to exotic and faraway places

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