A Chocolate Butter Cream Day

3 Apr

Today was a beautiful Spring day and I so wanted to be outside BUT…. before I could do that there was cakes to decorate.

Lori's Birthday 100_3086The first one.. a yellow butter cake with chocolate butter cream.

Number 2 made for a young girl who loves the color pink… a chocolate cake with raspberry butter cream filling, iced in chocolate fudge butter cream.

All the flowers were made of butter cream.



Lynda’s 70th Birthday

31 Mar

Lynda's 70th Birthday Cake

Lynda was lucky to have 2 cakes for her birthday.

Cake number one was for a luncheon for her, given by a   friend.

Cake number 2 was for a family dinner. Both were the same flavor, yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream. All the flowers were piped with butter cream.


70th birthday

Cake number 2–

50th Anniversary

29 Mar

50th Anniversary

Yellow butter cake (9″ 3 layer) with yellow butter cream roses and a 50th fondant. Iced in vanilla butter cream.

A Birthday Cake for Bill

20 Feb

A Birthday Cake for BillI have made so many cakes for this family over the years it’s hard to come up with a new design but Jeanie loved this one. The only thing she asked was the same flavor of cake and frosting (yellow butter cake with vanilla butter cream) that she always gets and NO black writing. As you can see I wrote in blue. Cake size, 2 layer 10″ round. The yellow roses are butter cream.

Camo/Hunting Cake

17 Feb

Camo/Hunting          It was fun getting the camo look. You just drop different colors on and then smooth off. It doesn’t have to be perfect. That was the fun of it. Cake flavor, yellow butter with vanilla butter cream frosting. The hunting silhouette was made from candy clay. A tasty alternative to fondant.

80th Birthday

9 Feb

80th BirthdayThis was a fun cake to do.The  instructions given to me were, enough cake to feed about 100, with the colors of yellow, purple and a “dash” of red. It was up to me to design the cake. I added a small 6″ cake to the side to give the stars and roses some height. Cake flavor, yellow butter with vanilla butter cream frosting. The stars & hearts on wires were fondant , the yellow roses were butter cream. Cake #2 was the same flavor and size 12 x 18. I squared this one-off into 2″ sq’s. (for easy cutting) with a piped rose bud in each square.

birthday-extra servings

Baby Shower

9 Feb

Baby Shower    I was given several design ideas for this baby shower cake by my customer but we decided on this one. The design items were made from “candy clay”. A very nice medium to work with and taste great. Cake flavor, chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream frosting.


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